Panic Alarm Button – TeamAlert Panic Alarm Buttons for your Staff

Panic Alarm Button – TeamAlert Panic Alarm Buttons for your Staff


What is a Panic Alarm Button?

A Panic Alarm Button is generally a physical button or alarm that can be pushed to notify first responders or a monitoring company that you need emergency assistance. This is a great solution if you need something for anpanic alarm button individual such as a elderly loved one but we have found that organizations want the ability to have the option of giving team members different alerts and controlling what happens when someone raises those alerts. This article will focus on Panic Alarm Buttons for organizations. TeamAlert took the solution provided by other companies for senior citizens and made it even more customizable, simple to use and affordable for organizations around the world. A TeamAlert Panic Alarm Button is a great addition you can add easily and affordably to the security options for your staff.

Why would you need a panic alarm button?

Typically we see organizations that need a Panic Alarm Button wireless panic alarm buttonwhen they have a worker that is isolated with someone not a part of the organization or has the possibility of being in a scenario where others can be emotional. This could be court room staff that can have people in the court room respond emotionally to something and they need additional personal to attend to the situation. This could also been when management needs to terminate or officially write up an employee and there is some fear of the way this employee will react to the situation. Another common scenario is public utility offices with members of the general public coming in to a location for services. We see many scenarios where organizations need a way for their staff to have a simple button to press, either physical or software, that they know will work and will notify the appropriate personnel whether that is internal or external such as the police.

What options do you have for a panic alarm button?

This easiest and most common type of panic alarm button is what we all see on TV, LifeAlert. This is a company that coined the phrase “Help I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up.” They offer a great product an affordablepanic buttons price that is targeted for high risk locations for senior citizens. Then for businesses they have traditionally looked at their security alarm companies for options for this. Alarm companies typically tie this alarm in to their monitoring system and when the button is pressed they then reach out to the appropriate person to let them know that an alarm has been pressed. They will even offer for a price a station that has a light that comes on when the alert is pressed usually used in an administrative office. This works great for places like gas stations and banks but not so good in locations that has lots of staff and the need for different types of alerts. Many companies over the last 10 years has jumped in to tackle this problem and most have focused on software only solutions. TeamAlert decided from the beginning is it was important to give customers the option for a hardware, software or combination of both solution.

Why is TeamAlert a good choice for your panic alarm button?

TeamAlert is a great choice for many organizations because of it’s price point, it’s ease of use and because of it’s flexibility. Many choices in the market today give you a predefined list of alerts and limited options as to what will happen when that alert is raised. TeamAlert through their web based control panel gives you unlimited flexibility to create unlimited alerts and customize who receives that alert and how they receive it. Alert notification options include computer, mobile phone, text message, email phone call, e911 integration and monitoring center integration. Each user can have as many alerts as they need and once someone raises an alert all people involved with that alert can communicate in a secure channel and receive pre-programmed instruction on what to do and information on who raised the alert. TeamAlert really is amazing for the services it provides at such a reasonable price.

If you are interested in learning more about TeamAlert please contact us today and we would be happy to show you a demo or you can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.