Panic Buttons – Affordable and Dependable Panic Buttons For Any Industry

Panic Buttons – Affordable and Dependable Panic Buttons For Any Industry

If you are looking for Panic Buttons for your workplace then TeamAlert is a great solution for you to consider.

What are panic buttons?

panic buttonsPanic buttons for individuals are usually devices used for senior caregiving loved ones the ability to reach out to a monitoring company for assistance if they need help. This is usually used for loved ones when they still live alone but are not to the point of needing a senior living center. When we talk about panic buttons we are talking about panic buttons for organizations. These tend to fall into two categories: alarm company-based solutions and software solutions. These lines are often blurred because both have offerings in the other person’s category but that is how we see the market. Alarm company solutions are usually installed in conjunction with your alarm system and when triggered notify the monitoring company of an alarm and they will reach out based on what they are instructed to do. Thewearable panic buttons biggest problem with this type of alarm is there is no way to tell if the alarm worked (you don’t know if someone is coming to help) and there can be somewhat of a delay while parties are notified. The biggest drawback our customers have explained to us is the limited ways you can notify others with these solutions. Software companies have stepped in to fill this gap. They typically offer preformatted alert types that you control what happens if pressed. More often than not they are software only with limited hardware options. At TeamAlert we wanted to give customers the right choices for their situation and from day one we worked to offer clients an affordable solution where they can use a combination of hardware and software to make the system work best for them. We did all of this in a way that is so simple technicians are not needed to install our solution greatly reducing your cost.

Why would I need panic buttons?

panic buttons in action

Many organizations find that they need a panic button when they have an employee that is away from other employees and that employee may be put into a difficult situation. Examples of this could be teachers in a classroom, staff in a courthouse, or even members in a church. If you need to discreetly and quickly notify others that you need assistance then panic buttons are the best way to do this. If speed is something that matters we strongly suggest getting a hardware solution since they are much quicker for the average user to access and use. With TeamAlert you will be very surprised at the affordability of our panic buttons and the wide variety that we offer. To see a list of the hardware options with offers click here. You can also watch the video on our homepage to see TeamAlert in action.

What makes TeamAlert Panic Buttons so great?

panic buttons activated Well, we don’t like to brag but that is what you came here for right. Our software is used by organizations around the world because of its affordability, ease of use, and flexibility. Non-technical staff can easily understand, install and use the software. The way you can configure everything from a web control panel and then plug and play the hardware makes setting everything up a breeze. We offer unlimited alerts so you can use the system for a wide variety of needs. The software can be used for something as serious as an Active Shooter (that is what we started the company focused on) to something less serious as a maintenance request at your location. With TeamAlert you control who gets contacted and how they get contacted. You can reach out to others by computer, mobile device, text message, phone call, email, e911, and monitoring services. Once you raise the alert you are in a private communication channel with everyone in the alert allowing you to efficiently communicate about the situation and get the help that you need quickly.

If you are interested in learning more about TeamAlert please contact us today and we would be happy to show you a demo or you can sign up for a free trial and see for yourself what everyone is talking about.