TeamAlert Accounts Include:

  • Free Updates & Support
  • Communication During Alerts
  • Phone Call, Text & Email Notifications

  • Unlimited Alerts
  • 60 Day Alert History
  • Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone & Apple Watch
  • Bluetooth Devices available for Mobile Devices
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Powerful Features Include

Unlimited Alert Levels

You can color-code and customize alerts to handle any type of situation. You can decide how people are notified for each alert level.

Alert Room

Discretely raise an alert or comment on alerts in the Alert Room. This feature gives computer users a live, scrolling view of the situation as it unfolds and allows them to stay informed.


Turn any computer into a panic button and the CRS Notify system links them together. Raise and receive either alert level discretely using your computer mouse or optional hardware button.

Voice Calls

Either level alert can make alert-specific voice calls to designated recipients. Easily customize these recipients to receive either high, low or both level alerts.

Text/Email Messages

Decide who you want to receive alert-specific text messages and emails. Either high, low or both can easily be assigned on a per-user basis.


Integrate the optional E911. With one push of a button or click of a mouse alert-specific details are sent to you local 911 center.

Mobile Device Apps

We now have Android and IOS apps included with each user license for free so you can send and receive alerts from your mobile device.

Bluetooth Device

Buy Now! Anyone can purchase a Bluetooth device today. This includes the ability to raise two alert levels when paired with your mobile device operating the TeamAlert application.

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Available Options

E911 Now Available
E911 Service
Emergency Answering Services available at monthly cost
Monitoring Relay Serivce
Product image of High-Level Wireless Panic Button
One Button Wireless USB
Product image of Silent Panic Button Hardware
One Button Stationary USB
Product image of USB Powered Panic Button hardware
Two Button Stationary USB
Product image of Wireless Panic Button hardware
Two Button Wireless USB
Product image of the bluetooth device
Two Button Android/IOS BlueTooth
Product image of zFanless Mini PC for TV hardware
Mini TV Computer
Product image of z Mini Desktop PC hardware
Mini Computer
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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! TeamAlert™ works great with Android and Apple devices and is available from their app stores as a free download.

Yes! TeamAlert™ offers a two-button bluetooth device that works great with the Android and Apple device TeamAlert™ panic button application.

Once you complete the required information, it is sent to us electronically. We then review your information and upload the information to our system after it has been approved. We do this for security purposes. You will then be notified via email to authorize your TeamAlert account. Once you have authorized your account, you can log in and configure the system for your first alert, which can be done in a few minutes.

At the end of your free trial, we will suspend your account unless you have accepted our quote and moved forward to an active account. We try to reach out to each client before we deactivate their account at the end of the trial. Your information is kept until your account is removed from the system after a period of time in the inactive account status stage.

Yes, you will need to install the computer software on either a Windows or Mac computer or the mobile device software on your Android or IOS device. All software is provided at no charge with an active account and is easily installed, including auto-installed during the login process for domain users.

Yes, we follow all current industry guidelines to protect your data. Please reach out to our technical support team if you have more questions on the levels of protection that we provide.

Yes, we have a third party system that handles our invoicing and payments. You will be able to see your invoices, payment history, and save payment methods in this system.

Our customer service team is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm CST. Please reach out to them and, they will be happy to assist you.

We will set the number of users for your installation at the user count that you have requested. If you want to reach that limit, contact our customer service team and, they will get you an updated invoice and change your user plan. Updating your user license package is a quick process and is typically done in minutes. When you sign up for a trial, we start you with a 100 user license. Just let us know if you need more license users for the trial account.

Yes, TeamAlert™ will work with compatible strobes and sirens. Please reach out to your sales rep for interested organizations or a customer service agent for existing customers for more details. If you want to see if your existing equipment is compatible please make sure you have the make and model of the existing strobe or siren you are using so we can look up the technical details for it.

TeamAlert™ is a cloud-based workplace panic button system that enables organizations to help staff members who feel alone during threatening situations instead feel they are connected, protected and safe. TeamAlert™ helps many types of organizations such as local government, mental health, education, and religion with our easy-to-use hardware and software solutions.
Image of High Level Wireless Panic Button being placed on a wall. Our Hardware Is Easy To Mount. No Tools Required.