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TeamAlert System Status Page

What is this page?

TeamAlert provides alerting services to organizations around the globe. This is the system status for the TeamAlert service in their respective parts. This page is provided for your convenience to check and you may contact our customer service department at any time to get an update or to see if any type of an outage is affecting your account. We update this page whenever we have new information.


TeamAlert Cloud: Operational

TeamAlert Authentication Services: Operational

TeamAlert Notification Service: Operational

TeamAlert E911 Service: Degraded Performance – TeamAlert is experiencing an issue that is causing some clients to have issues contacting e911 if they are using an E911 related alert. If this issue affects your account you will be notified in your alert communication room once your alert is raised that E911 failed and to contact 911 manually. If you see this error message your must contact 911 manually using a landline or mobile device. You can test if this issue is affecting your account by putting your alert in “test mode” and raising a test alert. If you do not see the error message then it is not affecting your account. Our development team is aware of this issue and is working with our E911 vendors to resolve this is as quickly as possible.

TeamAlert Email Service: Operational

TeamAlert Text Service: Operational

TeamAlert Phone Service: Operational



Status Check Last Updated:       8:25 am CST        10/20/2021

Operational, Degraded Performance, Scheduled, Informational